Welcome to your Benedictine University student career search platform. 

This system helps you easily create and manage your online career profile. You can search and apply for jobs, internships and volunteering opportunities in this center. This information will be available to prospective employers via your career services office. To use your time most efficiently, you should prepared your resume/CV draft in a document file (MS Word) to be uploaded prior to beginning this process of fully using this platform. A career advisor can provide recommendations on the draft of your resume/CV in this system before an employer can view it. Simply login and upload your document. We will provide you feedback.

Coming soon! You will also be able to login to your account and schedule an appointment with career advisors as well as your learning specialists!

Note: The system supports Internet Explorer version 8 and 9, and FireFox

Technical Notes:

This application relies on the usage of internet cookies. Optimal cookie settings will vary depending on your browser, but you must have your browser configured to accept cookies to use the GTS application.

Currently, Gradleaders supports the latest version of Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.